• Dutchman Wins Second UK/Ireland Title

    The “Smiling Dutchman” now has yet another reason to wear that silly grin. Joeri Zandvliet, winner of the UK and Ireland Poker Tour main event in Manchester last year, has done it again in Dublin.

    The Dutch PokerStars qualifier known as the “Smiling Dutchman” finished the event off in grand style, picking off a bluff by last year’s winner, Max Silver, to grab two-thirds of the chips in play and use them to kick the asses of his last two foes – American Chuck Fabian and Hungarian Robert Csire.

    Zandvliet started the final day on fire and kept the pressure on throughout.

    Down to 660,000, Scottish pro David Docherty became the first casualty of the day when he moved over the top of Zandvliet’s open of 82,000 with A-Jo. The Dutchman made the call with 8-8, which held up.

    This pot catapulted Zandvliet into a commanding lead, and he used his ammo often.

    Zandvliet twice three-bet Max Silver out of hands preflop before extending his lead on a paired board against Robert Csire. After the first break, the Dutchman used his chips to three-bet players out of ever-increasing blinds and only Silver was able to compete with him – and he severely damaged Noel O’Brian’s aspirations with a rivered pair of queens to defeat O’Brian’s pocket tens.

    Rory Curtis was the first of three of Irishmen to bust in quick succession – his K-Q losing to Robert Csire’s A-10. Silver’s Q-10 beat O’Brian’s K-2s shove – and overnight leader Jason Tompkins had his A-6s beaten by Chuck Fabian – Fabian’s A-Ks.

    Silver’s busting of O’Brian – along with a big pot taken off Zandvliet – had leveled the chip counts of the Englishman and the Dutchman, but Silver couldn’t dial it back.

    Raising Zandvliet’s under-the-gun wager, Silver in the small blind raised back, only to be four-bet. Deciding to put it all on the line, he shoved his entire stack of 3,015,000. Zandvliet called with A-Ks and had him covered. Silver, it turns out, didn’t believe the Dutchman, and turned over a shocking 8-4s. Justice prevailed on a board of J-7-J-9-6, and Zandvliet made his flush on the river, though he didn’t need it.

    He now had two-thirds of the chips, but despite his chip advantage, Zandvliet was unable to push people around. Both Robert Csire and Chuck Fabian put plenty of pressure on Zandvliet, and started to make inroads into his chip stack.

    Eventually Zandvliet with A-9s called one of Csire’s shoves and must have been horrified when the Hungarian turned over A-Q. With half the chips in play in the pot, Zandvliet was in trouble, but a miracle nine on the river sent Csire home muttering and the Dutchman into heads-up with an 8.3 million to 2.3 million chip edge over Chuck Fabian.

    There follosed an hour of very little action. The few chips that had been exchanged had gone to the American. The final hand went down when from the button Fabian raised to 300,000, Zandvliet moved all-in from the big blind and Fabian called all-in for 2,350,000. Fabian was ahead with A-9o vs. A-5o, and a double up would get im back in the match, but this was the Dutchman’s day. The flop of 8-4-7 kept him in the lead, but gave Zandvliet seven outs for his second UKIPT title. A four on the turn also gave Zandvliet some chop outs, but the river was a five and Zandvliet had another river suckout and his second UKIPT title, the trophy and a cheque for €83,500.

    No wonder he’s smiling.


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    The Payouts

    1st Joeri Zandvliet (Netherlands) €83,500
    2nd Chuck Fabian (USA) €49,600
    3rd Robert Csire (Hungary) €22,650
    4th Max Silver (United Kingdom) €22,650
    5th Jason Tompkins (Ireland) €17,600
    6th Noel O’Brien (Ireland) €13,950
    7th Roy Curtis (United Kingdom) €10,450
    8th David Docherty (United Kingdom) €8,000

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