• Buyer Rumored for Full Tilt Poker

    Groupe Bernard Tapie, a French company seeking to purchase Full Tilt Poker, has struck an agreement with the Department of Justice that would permit the acquisition, according to some web reports. The Department of Justice has not confirmed the deal, which could facilitate the return of $300 million to FTP players whose money has been in limbo since Black Friday back in April.

    The sale depends on FTP resolving its case with the Department of Justice, which has labeled the poker site “a global Ponzi scheme.”

    Rumors of a buyout have been rampant for months, and Groupe Bernard Tapie has a reputation for turning bankrupt businesses around. In the 1980s, former chairman Bernard Tapie reportedly made more than 40 defunct companies profitable. Tapie, the 68-year-old former owner of Addias, spent time in prison in 1997 after being convicted of bribing soccer players to throw a match and was also convicted for tax fraud in a non-related case.

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