By Jann Sabin

    Of course it was great to see such thorough unedited coverage. Below are some observations.

    In no particular order:

    The rail was super distracting and added nothing positive. Why would the production team allow that constant drunk rowdy stupid behavior? We keep saying poker is more like chess, something thoughtful, and it was presented like a boxing match. Reminded me of how, after Hevad Kahn, the “excessive celebration” concept was put in place and I think it’s so cool now when players take huge pots, beats…whatever, and don’t go batshit. Just hated the rail element. It demeaned the game, was hard to watch, and I can’t imagine that it helped the players. But I’m wrong half the time, so who knows.

    Anxious to hear what’s on the forums, but I didn’t like what the 15 minute delay/show did to the strategy. Sure it added another level to the game, and yes, every player had access to the information, but it added a team element that I didn’t like i.e. people had “their teams” working on getting and parsing the info. There’s always a hand you fold that haunts you (remember the game where, when Joe Cassidy got knocked out, he went up to John Aglialoro…2004 I think, and asked “what did you have?” Or when you show one card? I think the strategy element the delay/show added isn’t nearly as interesting as the elements it eliminated. I wish #wsop would tape live and show in a few days. We’re watching more to see how the game went down than to learn who won IMHO).

    The commentary was great…..a real course in poker strategy and how to break down hands. Every guest commentator had so much to add, and #normanchad and #lonmceachern were terrific as always. I wouldn’t have minded some quiet time. It’s hard to fill all of those hours and we can only hear the stats so many times, but all in all, everyone rose to this ground-breaking occasion.

    On another topic, remember how online players were called “internet kids” and not in a good way (think Hellmuth playing Dwan HU the first time). In this recent telecast, someone said the internet wizards. Yeah, it’s about time. These guys are machines with huge brains and heart. I’ve loved them from the start and love to play them live.

    By Jann Sabin

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