• Sangeeth Mohan Wins APT Asian Series Goa Main Event!

    Sangeeth “Samohh” Mohan has made history as the winner of the INR 50,000 APT Asian Series Goa Main Event. Mohan picked up INR 2,346,400 in prize money after topping a field of 158 entries – the most ever seen in a Main Event tournament in India.

    It was actually the second title the Indian player claimed during the week at APT Asian Series Goa after scooping the entire prize pool in Saturday’s INR 15,000 Greed side event for INR 526,000.
    Mohan entered last night’s Main Event final table with an average chip stack of 262,000, but had a rocky ride when he found himself fighting for his tournament life on just 80,000 in chips. He only survived with an all in preflop holding against Bharat Agarwalla’s . A board of gave Mohan a straight and the double up.
    He then got his stack back up to 500,000 with yet another double up before going on to knock out Agarwalla and Jasven Saigal in 4th and 3rd place respectively. Mohan entered heads up play with Sameer Rattonsey holding 1,805,000 in chips against Rattonsey’s 540,000 and proceeded to use his big stack to pick up the blinds and antes.
    The final hand came before play could even move up a level when the two players saw a limped flop of . Mohan was in the big blind and bet the flop and the turn before Rattonsey announced all-in. Mohan snap-called with for a full house to have Rattonsey’s drawing dead.

    2011 APT Asian Series Goa Main Event FINAL TABLE PAYOUTS:
    1. Sangeeth Mohan (India) INR 2,346,400
    2. Sameer Rattonsey (India) INR 1,279,800
    3. Jasven Saigal (India) INR 639,900
    4. Bharat Agarwalla (India) INR 497,700
    5. Sailesh Lohia (India) INR 426,600
    6. Nam Le (USA) INR 355,500
    7. Nistor Alexandru (Romania) INR 284,400
    8. Kavin Sha (India) INR 213,300
    9. Cindy Wang (China) INR 142,200
    10. Martin Elliot (England) INR 128,000
    Congratulations to Mohan and all the final tablists on their success!

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