• Merge Bad Beat Jackpot Hits at Over $1 Million

    The Merge Bad Beat Jackpot has once again gone off. It had been building for a while and we had finally cracked the $1 million mark again before it was hit. Here is the hand ID for reference – #47082389-318

    Player ‘Eulson’ was dealt pocket 7′s while player ’123maryc’ was dealt pocket Q’s. ’123maryc’ raised pre-flop and was re-raised by ‘Eulson’. Not to be outdone, ’123maryc’ re-raised again and was called by ‘Eulson’. All other players folded and the flop was dealt.

    The cards came down 7s, Qc and Qh giving ’123maryc’ quad Q’s and the flopped nuts. ’123maryc’ checked to lay the trap and ‘Eulson’ led out with a small bet which ’123maryc’ casually called.

    The turn card was the case 7 giving ‘Eulson’ quad 7′s. Unfortunately ‘Eulson’ had no way of knowing the hand was already over. Again ’123maryc’ checked the turn and ‘Eulson’ bet out. ’123maryc’ raised this time and was quickly re-raised by ‘Eulson’. They went into a re-raising war as both players went back and forth 5 times before ’123maryc’ was finally all in.

    The river card was an inconsequential Ah giving ’123maryc’ the hand with quad Q’s beating out ‘Eulson’ with quad 7′s.

    For losing the hand ‘Eulson’ walks away with $355,092.35 while ’123maryc’ received $177,546.17 for winning the hand.

    All other players in the hand received $25,363.73.

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