• Antigua, USA Play ‘Blame Game’ in Online Gambling Dispute

    May 1, 2012
    In a letter presented to the World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) last week, Antigua accused the US Government of failing to “observe its international obligations in good faith and with due consideration for the rights of Antigua & Barbuda” as it relates to the island nation’s online gambling industry.

    Antigua won a WTO dispute in 2007 requiring that the United States halt prosecution of its licensed online gambling establishments. In February, the US Attorney’s Office in Maryland indicted executives of one of Antigua’s biggest Web gambling operations, Bodog.

    The Observer, Antigua’s largest newspaper, noted the that the United States responded to the WTO it has accepted the results of the dispute settlement, however, Antigua & Barbuda is the source of the hold-up in negotiations. Antigua rejected modifications the US Government attempted to make to the General Agreement on Trade in Services schedule.

    A number of online gambling websites have begun using the .AG extension ahead of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s anticipated seizure of some US-controlled .COMs.

    - Gilbert Horowitz,

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