• The Casino Regina Poker Classic Series

    Sept 14, 2012

    Smack dab in the middle ofCanada’s prairie heartland is a
    gem of a casino that, for sixteenyears, has served up a bountiful
    harvest for poker players.

    Casino Regina is located in the city’s historic Union Train
    Station. This National Heritage Site once played a vital role in
    shaping our great nation, transporting settlers and goods from
    coast to coast. Now, the beauty and architecture remains, but
    travellers pass through its great halls for a different reason.
    “Casino Regina has been a part of the Canadian poker scene
    since the beginning,” says Poker Manager Mark Durnin.
    “We were one of the first in the country to host big poker
    tournaments, and I like to think that, after sixteen years,
    we’ve become experts at treating our guests to the best poker
    experience out there.”
    “We’ve welcomed players from as far away as Australia.
    And, the best part is, we see familiar faces year after year.
    It’s true, there may be bigger tournaments out there, but
    people make the trek to Regina because of our famous prairie
    hospitality and our incredible venue.”
    This year’s Harvest Poker Classic takes place in the “Queen
    City” November 6th to 10th, featuring: a single table satellite
    extravaganza, and four days of Texas Hold’em with a total
    estimated prize pool of over $500,000.
    Casino Regina’s magnificent Show Lounge is transformed
    for the event, from a Vegas-style theatre that brings in the very
    best live acts, to a poker venue that lives up to the casino’s
    “Always Entertaining” philosophy.
    The HPC is one of two tournaments presented by Casino Regina
    as part of their Poker Classic Series. Each spring, the casino
    plays host to the Station Poker Classic – another four-day,
    Texas Hold’em event with prize pools regularly around the
    half-million dollar mark. Poker players can also keep their game
    sharp with weekly tournaments every Tuesday and Wednesday
    in the spectacular Poker Room.
    The Casino Regina Poker Classic Series has awarded over
    $5.5 million to players so far, and this year’s Harvest Poker
    Classic promises to be as sensational as ever. “We always make
    an extra effort to build upon each event to give our players the
    greatest experience possible,” states Durnin. “We encourage
    everyone to register in advance, and we look forward to being
    your host for some exciting poker action this November.”
    To register for the 16th Annual Harvest Poker Classic call
    1-866-61-POKER, or visit casinoregina.com for more details.
    The Casino Cruiser will be available for complimentary shuttle
    service to and from the airport, hotel and casino by phoning
    (306) 798-3825 to reserve your pick-up time.
    Be a part of this year’s bountiful harvest
    in Canada’s heartland.
    Call 1-866-61-POKER and register today.

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