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    Poker Pro Media Worldwide is unique in the world of publishing. Launched six years ago in a field packed with poker publishing behemoths and poker magazine wannabes, the company’s first title – Poker Pro Magazine – has not only survived, but thrived.

    Founded by two young entrepreneurs with a passion for poker, the firm’s goal was to provide a glossy, informative, high-end, fun publication at a time when poker mags were little more than free, cheaply produced publications that you found littering casino cardrooms. The guys wanted something different – a professional-quality coast-to-coast publication not just for pros, but also for those learning the game. And instead of only promoting the magazine – which seems to be the prime directive of many poker magazines these days – the company would instead spend its money promoting the game and its players.

    It is this love of the game that shines through on every page of Poker Pro. And it is this love of poker, knowledge of its history and hope for its future that has garnered a reputation for Poker Pro as the magazine that is not afraid to “tell it like it is” when it comes to the poker world. Because it is not “corporate” like the big boys in poker publishing, Poker Pro will take a stand when forces within or outside of the poker world threaten the game. The game comes first.

    Will Jordan, an ex-Marine, wanted a magazine that reflected his passion for competition around the felt. Will is an accomplished player (Jordan, for example, cashed three times in the 2008 WSOP), and he wanted Poker Pro to capture both the fun and profitability of poker. That is what you will find today on every page – how to have fun and improve your game – all in a slick package with a glossy cover, quality paper, insightful writing, pro strategy tips and good photography.

    To help make it all work, they hired Editor-in-Chief John “Johnny Quads” Wenzel, who for more than fifteen years has been one of the most successful high-stakes cash-game players in the State of Florida – and a magazine professional who has worked as reporter, editor, photographer and designer at newspapers, magazines and tabloids in three states. Wenzel has a journalism and mass communications degree from the hotbed of college and online poker – the University of Wisconsin in Madison – home to such players as Phil Hellmuth, Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond, Mark “P0ker H0” Kroon and many others.

    “Johnny Quads” – the 2006 Oklahoma State Pot-Limit Hold’em champion – is somewhat unique in poker publishing. Most editors are either poker players who want to be editors, or editors who don’t know anything about poker, but Johnny is one of the few who knows both poker AND publishing. Wenzel is so devoted to poker that he once took a part-time job as a poker dealer just to see if it would improve his game. He is the author of three published books on poker, including “Everything Hold’em,” and has mentored some of the Southeast’s best players.

    To help build Poker Pro Magazines’ online presence, the magazine brought in Jack McAdoo to offer updates through the websites and all social media including Facebook & Twitter. Jack is also the host of the leading poker podcast show at Poker Pod Radio.

    Despite the economy, Poker Pro Media Worldwide is bullish on poker, and has launched two other successful poker-related titles: Poker Pro Europe and Poker Pro Canada. Poker Pro Europe regularly gets kudos as one of Europe’s best poker publications, and PPCanada is the top-selling poker publication in Canada.

    Despite government efforts to limit poker in the United States, Poker Pro is continuing to publish and will continue the good fight far into the future.

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