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    Jann Sabin: Tournament grinder, poker writer and blogger Jann Sabin will be giving you regular reports from the trenches of poker’s new battleground: South Florida.

    Chistopher Lien: College student and player Christopher Lien will be posting about the characters he meets in poker and what he learns along the way.

    Larry Chiapelli: Poker author and low-stakes grinder Larry Chiapelli will be writing  about this unusual and sometimes frustrating game from his unique perspective.

    Mike Wolf: Well-known young pro Mike Wolf will be blogging on strategy and the daily life of a poker pro on the cutting edge to the modern poker world.

    Guest Bloggers: We frequently invite guests to share their thoughts and experiences with our readers. Check back often for the commentary from the poker community.

    Author Bios

    Jann Sabin aka tankgirl is a poker writer/blogger/player who works in brand, marketing and social media strategy for reliable income


    Christopher Lien is from Brooklyn, and is currently a senior at Rutgers University studying economics and psychology. Starting poker at a young age, he specializes in Stud 8 or better and Razz. Contact Chris at Chris.Lien@aol.com and follow him on Twitter @ChrisLi3n.


    Larry (Mr. Chips) Chiapelli is a world traveler and an experienced low-limit poker player. He is a specialist in a number of poker variations, a columnist in many poker publications, and the author of a new book called “Chiapelli’s Live Poker Strategies.” You can reach Larry by email at Chiapelli@ChiapellisPoker.com.


    After graduating at the top of his class with honors in business while missing close to 80% of his classes, Mike Wolf read the novel “On the Road” and decided to spend his life wandering from place to place. His story can be found on twoplustwo.com in a thread titled “living out of my car in Florida” by insanepoker7. It shows how he went from being homeless to winning $15,000 playing $1-$2 NLHE and being interviewed on ESPN radio. He is also a team pro for surebetpoker.net. Follow him on twitter @mikewolf7 or on Facebook at mw788998@albany.edu. He can be reached directly at MichaelJWolf33@gmail.com.

    Guest Bloggers

    Check back soon for commentary from our guests.