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    PocketFives.com Rankings
    Best MTT Players Online
    By Dan Cypra


    1. Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski – Overtook Chris “moorman1” Moorman for the top spot in the PocketFives.com Worldwide Rankings in the last week of September. Owns the second best PLB and Pro Poll scores.

    2. Chris “moorman1” Moorman – Tops in the PocketFives.com Pro Poll, Moorman served as a bounty in the recent PocketFives.com Open on PokerStars and is about to pass $7.5 million in tracked cashes, the first time any PocketFiver has accomplished that feat.

    3. Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger – Fresh off a final table in a $530 Rebuy during the PokerStars WCOOP for nearly $100,000. Benger was also the feature guest on the September edition of the PocketFives.com Podcast.

    4. Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis – Just passed $1.5 million in tracked cashes through online casinos for real money and is in second place on the PocketFives.com Sliding PLB for the United Kingdom, trailing only Moorman.

    5. Mike “Pipedream17” Dietrich – Owns the highest PLB score on PocketFives.com. Dietrich won the PokerStars $100 Sunday Rebuy the first weekend of September for $78,000.

    6. Ami “UhhMee” Barer – Also gracious enough to lend his talents to the recent PocketFives.com Open, Barer won the PokerStars $109 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo 2X Chance for $11,000 in mid-September.

    7. “schappuscha” – Holding steady at No. 7 in the PocketFives.com Rankings on the strength of a third place finish in a PokerStars WCOOP Second Chance tournament for $20,000.

    8. “IM_ICM” – This Austrian poker pro owns over $3.2 million in tracked online poker cashes and is a two-time PocketFives.com Triple Crown winner.

    9. Shyam “s_dot111” Srinivasan – The Canadian is on the verge of cracking $4 million in tracked online poker cashes and has been a staple of the Rankings’ top ten in recent months.

    10. Mickey “mementmori” Petersen – Recently became a sponsored pro of PokerStars. Petersen cashed in the WCOOP Main Event for $22,000 and took down four tracked MTTs in September.


    1. Mike “Pipedream17” Dietrich – Holds a slim 15-point lead in the Canadian Sortable Rankings with 7,057 PLB Points. He’s the top PLB Point-earner in the world and sits at No. 5 worldwide.

    2. Sebastian “p0cket00” Sikorski – Has 7,042 PLB Points, good for second place in Canada, and tops in the province of Ontario. Sikorski is the No. 1 ranked player on PocketFives.com in the Worldwide Rankings.

    3. Griffin “Flush_Entity” Benger – No. 3 worldwide, Benger is tops in Toronto and about to pass $2 million in tracked online poker cashes.

    4. Shyam “s_dot111” Srinivasan – No. 9 worldwide, Srinivasan has 6,173 PLB Points and also hails from Toronto. He final tabled a WCOOP $215 No-Limit Hold’em Cubed event for $14,000 this year.

    5. “fly44” – Can be found at No. 18 worldwide in the PocketFives.com Rankings and has $1.9 million in tracked cashes.

    6. “snake8484” – The top-ranked player in Vancouver, “snake8484” finished second in a WCOOP Second Chance tournament for $60,000 in early September.

    7. T.J. “1bigacehole” Ulmer – Finished fourth in the $109 PokerStars Sunday Rebuy in September for $32,000. Ulmer is No. 20 in the Worldwide Rankings and has $2.8 million in tracked earnings.

    8. “HR Dub” – The second ranked player in Vancouver, “HR Dub” won a WCOOP bracelet in a $530 No-Limit Hold’em Cubed event this year for a whopping $172,000.

    9. Jeff “YoungSupremacy” Hakim – Hailing from Montreal, Hakim is on the verge of becoming only the fifth PocketFives.com member to book $5 million in tracked cashes.

    10. Luke “bananazoo” Chiciak – Is No. 29 overall in the PocketFives.com Worldwide Rankings and recently won the PokerStars $215 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo 2X Chance for $11,000.

    United Kingdom

    1. Chris “moorman1” Moorman – Holds the record for PocketFives.com tracked cashes ($7.4 million) and Triple Crowns (11) and hails from Brighton and Hove. Moorman has a 250-point lead in the Sortable Rankings for the UK with 6,793 PLB Points.

    2. Toby “810ofclubs” Lewis – Hails from Hampshire. Lewis is No. 4 worldwide and final tabled the PokerStars SCOOP Main Event earlier this year for $167,000.

    3. Charlie “chaz_man_chaz” Combes – No. 16 worldwide, Combes is tops in Winchester and won the PokerStars $100 Rebuy on September 16th for $31,000. Combes has 6,066 PLB Points.

    4. Ash “AshTheDonkey” Mason – The lone registered PocketFives.com member from Hammerton, Mason is ranked No. 24 worldwide and won a WCOOP High Roller tournament for over $400,000 and a bracelet this year.

    5. “gregior” – Just received his $4 million cash badge on PocketFives.com and finished in the money in the 2011 WCOOP Main Event for $26,000.

    6. Laurence “rivermanl” Houghton – The top-ranked player in London, Houghton is approaching $4.5 million in tracked online poker earnings and averaging an amazing $2,000 over 2,221 registered cashes.

    7. Jon “EMSBas” Spinks – The top-ranked player in Exeter, Spinks is at No. 44 worldwide and has been a member of the PocketFives.com community since mid-2008.

    8. Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer – The second ranked PocketFives.com member in Winchester, Brammer is ranked No. 69 worldwide, his highest position ever.

    9. Paul “badpab2” Foltyn – In the top 70 worldwide. Foltyn is tops in Doncaster and a PokerStars SCOOP event winner.

    10. Dean “dean23price” Price – Final-tabled a PokerStars WCOOP $1k event for $37,000 in September and finished third in the site’s Big $109 the same month for another $10,000.