• Poker 101

    Tip of the Month

    Tournament players will tell you that your tournament often hinges on how well you do with ace-king. Keep in mind that A-K is only a coin-flip against a pocket pair if you can see all five community cards.

    Poker Lingo

    Pocket Pair: Two hole cards of the same rank in hold’em, such as two kings or two eights.

    Flatted: To “flat-call” someone’s bet. In other words, to call the bet, not raise. Often indicates that the hand was good enough to raise with, but the player chose not to.

    Half-Pot Bet: To make a bet that is half the size of the pot.

    Kicker: In hold’em, if the board pairs one of your hole cards, your other card is your kicker. Kickers often decide a hand in hold’em. For example, if there is an ace on board and you have A-10, you have aces with a ten kicker. Someone with A-J, A-Q or A-K beats you.

    Weak Ace: In hold’em, a starting hand of an ace and a low kicker, such as A-6 or A-5.

    Variance: A mathematical term referring to the distribution of results. Basically, it is the “luck factor” in poker. Variance is high over the short term, but decreases as more hands are played. Variance dictates that superior players can have losing results in the short term, but will almost always win given a long enough time frame.

    Stone Cold Bluff: Bluffing with no draw and no chance of winning if you are called.

    Table Image: How you are viewed by other players at the table. This influences how you play a hand.

    Stop-and-Go: To call a bet, then bet at the next opportunity.

    Quote of the Month:

    “Treat your money as if you’re in a relationship with it; respect it but give it space to breathe and grow.”

    –      Kristy Gazes