• Dan Santoro Wins WPT Foxwoods

    Dan Santoro, a 23-year-old professional poker player from Long Island, has won this year’s World Poker Finals at Foxwoods. It took six days and a brutal heads-up battle with Christian Harder, but in the end Santoro, nicknamed “Luie Sojo,” pocketed the title and $450k.

    Dan has had impressive results in both the online and live arena, booking some very large wins that has afforded him a lifestyle of leisure. Dan enjoys playing the stock market, sports, and playing music when not at the felt.

    Santoro defeated a tough final table that included reigning WPT Player of the Year Andy Frankenberger, former chip leader Steven Brackesy and Harder, whose lifetime winnings top $3 million. Harder finished runner-up after a lengthy heads-up that lasted several hours.

    Of the 200 hands played at the final table, more than half occurred during heads-up. Harder and Santoro exchanged the lead several times before a coin-flip settled it.

    With Harder closing in on the lead, he raised on the button, only to get three-bet from the big blind by Santoro. Harder moved in and Santoro snap-called with A-K. Harder’s pocket tens were a slight favorite, but a king on the river sealed it for Santoro.

    Harder took home $248,962. Santoro pocketed $449,910, a $25,000 seat into the WPT Championship and the WPT Champion’s Cup. Santoro’s previous best cash for was $129k for second in a WPT side event back in 2007.

    The Payouts

    1. Daniel Santoro — $449,910
    2. Christian Harder — $248,962
    3. Bob Carbone — $166,271
    4. Steven Brackesy — $129,816
    5. Andy Frankenberger — $99,585
    6. Eli Berg — $83,580